Artwork installed in my local Phoenix coffee shop – Hava Java!

You came for the beverage, but may linger for the art. Local
coffee shops that offer its regular customers a rotating art collection always
impress me. It takes time to reach out to local artists, curate those that
respond, and install and de-install on a regular basis. So, mixing it up for
those regulars that come week after week with a new collection of art is
extra-special. Double-plus that if the artwork happens to be mine for a few of
those rotations!

This is the second time I’ve shown work at my local coffee
shop Hava Java. I actually did a feature of the curator who I worked with at
that time, Melisa Elias, an artist in her own right. You can see that here.

My first installation was all about BIG pieces, but I wanted
to mix the current installation up with a few of my old favorite pieces – a few
of which were painted during my time in Buenos Aires – a little while ago now.

Each piece hanging at Hava Java now has a special place in my heart. As with all artwork, each has its own origin story – which is also is in part a story of me and a place and time in my life. Please see the images below!



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